Getting Back On Track

I just got word that I will be going back to my infusions on Tuesday. Hooray! My “last infusion”: was February 13. That was almost 7 weeks ago. Quite a long time between infusions. Rather than dwell upon that I’m just happy to hear that we’re finally getting back to it.

I’m hoping that my body adjusts well to getting back to infusions. After all these weeks without Myozyme I hope my body will not have any adverse reactions to getting back on it. I’m confident it won’t.

I’m really excited to get back on track to exercising. I never stopped but I couldn’t push myself as much. I’d always feel tired and out of wind.

I was doing 25 mins on my handbike before stopping the infusions. Now I could barely get to 20 mins. By that time my arms are so heavy.

Here’s to getting back to infusions. Thanks to my doctors and the people at Genzyme for getting this done.

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