Get Well Soon Mang Bert

We didn’t get much sleep last night. Our long time family driver, Mang Bert got sick. He had a severe case of hypoglycemia, brought about by diabetes.

It came as a surprise because it was the first time that it happened. Early during the day he already complained that he was feeling dizzy. He didn’t work that day and spent it resting. His blood pressure was high already. He was given medicine to help bring it down and for awhile it worked.

He was feeling better already during the day. Apparently it was just temporary.

While sleeping that night he suddenly had a seizure. Luckily one of my aides heard him moaning and rushed to where he was sleeping. He could see that he was already stiff and his jaw was locked. He called for help and woke us all up.

We called for an ambulance but being the state of our healthcare system that it is, the ambulance took 20 mins to get here.

Mang Bert was brought to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. He stayed there till morning. The doctors gave him an injection of glucose and that helped a lot. He was allowed to go home several hours after that.

He will need to see a doctor to assess his health again.

In our country there are trade-offs. Luckily labor is cheap here. Mang Bert has been working for our family for over 20 years. Heck, he is family. It’s sad this happened.

We’re praying for his speedy recovery. Get well soon Mang Bert.

Oh, for those who don’ t know, the word “Mang” is sort of a title that we give to an elderly gentleman as a sign of respect.

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