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Hooray! I got my copy of the “Expression of Hope”: book. What is “Expression of Hope”: Good question. I took the liberty of lifting the description of it from the web site.

bq. Expression of Hope is a global program of goodwill and awareness featuring works of art by the community touched by the rare genetic conditions of lysosomal storage disorders. Selected artwork will be displayed at various events around the world where others in the community can view it. In addition, the majority of submissions will be posted on the web where they’ll be accessible to the broader community. The works of art are meant to express the subject’s feelings of hope and be an expression of the human spirit of the person living with an LSD.

About 6 months ago I was asked if I wanted to participate in the “Expression of Hope”: program. Naturally I said yes. I was assigned to collaborate with an artist from Boston. So I met “Sean Ackley”: through a conference call organized by Genzyme. We spoke for awhile and got each other’s contact information. We exchanged emails, chats in the days that followed. Sean and I were able to exchange ideas which he eventually used to develop the artwork he submitted. You can view the artwork “here”: it’s the photograph with the diary and pictures.

Sean took my words and wrote it in a diary. He then photographed the diary together with some pictures of mine. The result is the fantastic artwork he created. Ok, ok.. I’m a bit biased. But it’s honestly good, biases aside.

The “Expression of Hope”: is a great program that is trying to help create awareness for people with LSD but with a positive twist. It showcases the talents and the positive attitude of people suffering from LSDs. It’s a fantastic campaign and I hope that it does well.

The Fight Pompe illustration I also had May Ann commissioned is featured in the web site of “Expression of Hope”: So please do check out the web site, you can send e-cards of the artworks from the web site.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    I visited the site of Expression of Hope and i saw the picture of your collaboration with Sean. I cried when i read the caption , truly, you never fail to inspire me with your messages and rebuke me when at times, i tend to become shallowminded and self centered. Thanks again my friend and i hope that you will have more chances to convey your messages of hope to others.

  2. Hello Juan!
    My name is Meg Frost, and I just had to write you and say hello. I have Pompe’s too, and it’s a royal pain. But enough about that. I’m also a Creative Director and work at Apple in California, USA. I’m getting my infusions out here too, at the L.A. infusion center.

    Write back!

  3. Hello Juan!
    Forgive me if this is a duplicate entry—I just tried to leave a message.

    My name is Meg Frost, nice to meet you and read your blog. It’s great!

    We have a lot in common—we both have Pompes (boo!) we both love Apple (I work there!) and we’re both in Design.

    Oh, and we’re both getting infusions… I get mine in Los Angeles every couple of weeks.

    So, I had to write and say hello and to keep pu the good work, man!

    Your pal,

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