Congratulations To The New Couple

My Tita Stella and her now husband Wayne got married last saturday. This week has been bitter sweet for our family. Bitter due to the death of Lolo. Sweet because Tita Stella got married.

It’s both their second marriage. I hope this time it’s forever. They’ve been together for several years already and this was the logical next step. I’m really happy for them.

In his speech during the wedding reception, Wayne said something like, “people have been telling him, why get married now? he said from where he was standing, why not??!?”. I also asked him prior to the ceremony if he was nervous. He said, no. It was the surest thing he’s done so far. It feels right.

I felt flattered that they asked me to give a thanksgiving prayer during the civil ceremonies. I hope that they liked the prayer that I gave.

All in all the wedding was great. I wish Tita Stella and Wayne all the best. I wish them enough. Enough of everything they need for their lives together. Most especially enough love to last a lifetime.

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  1. Hi Juan

    I am a friend of Wayne’s and Stella’s from Sydney, Australia. I was at their wedding and just want to let you know how well I thought you gave the thanksgiving prayer at the wedding. It was really good. And what a great wedding it was, too.

    I hope you are doing well.

    Best wishes


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