Changing Aides

One thing I really hate about having an advanced case of Pompe Disease is my reliance on other people for daily living. One thing I hate more than that is having to change aides.

In about a week or so I’ll be changing aides. Mike who’s been with me for almost two years will be going to the province. I’m not sure if he’ll be there permanently. He said he has plans on coming back but as with all things in life, nothing is certain except death and taxes.

I’m used to Mike already and he’s done a good job so it really sucks to have to change aides. It’s something he needs to do. I don’t take it against him, in fact I’m grateful for the 2 years of service. I wish him well on his journey. I’d be glad to have him back but that’s something that the only time can tell.

For the time being, it seems that his brother will be the one to replace him. Although that is still up in the air due to certain factors. I hope I can sort this out soon.

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