The Value of Time

An old Datejust that belonged to one of my favorite people in the world.

One of my hobbies and passion right now are watches. My reason for liking watches is not about brand or the adornment it brings when you wear one. It’s about the symbol it represents.

One of the most important things in life is time. It’s one of those finite things that no amount of money can replace. Once time has passed it’s gone. There’s no bringing it back.

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Forza Ferrari!

This post should have been written a long time ago. Last March 1 I had the privilege to attend the opening of the first Ferrari and Maserati dealership here in the Philippines. Autostrada Motore Inc. is the official distributor and dealer of Ferrari and Maserati here.

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Ramen Bar


Ramen is one of the best comfort foods that I can think of. Nothing beats a good bowl of ramen. It not only fills the stomach but it soothes the soul.

Until recently I’ve mostly gotten my ramen fix from Kombini, a Japanese convenience store near where I live.

Ramen Bar, a new ramen place opened at the Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City. While it’s not near the place where I live, the trip to the restaurant I assure you is worth it.

I got a chance to sample Ramen Bar’s offerings during a food-tasting event last August 14. The owner of Ramen Bar invited around 50 people from the Philippine Mac Users Group, which I happen to belong to. We were all treated to a night of good food and company.

Each person was given 500 pesos worth of play money to spend on the restaurant. Looking through the menu I decided to go with the Shoyu Ramen (Php 280). This is a soy infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with soft boiled eggs (Tamago), fish sticks (Naruto), spring onions (Negi) and sliced pork (Chasyu).

When the server arrived with my order, I eagerly tried the ramen. I must say while I am by no means an expert in ramen, having only sampled the ramen locally, I must say that the Shoyu Ramen is one of the best ramen I’ve had so far. The flavor of the broth was good. The Chasyu was melt in your mouth tender. While the noodles were ok, I would have preferred slightly thinner noodles but this is a minor detail that I’m willing to overlook.

I didn’t even get to spend all of my play money as the Shoyu Ramen was enough to appease my hungry stomach. Although I must say that I am not a heavy eater. My stomach does not hold as much as most people but this is not to say that the portions of Ramen Bar are not enough. In fact I would consider the portions of Ramen Bar on the generous side. Not American restaurant type generous but definitely generous.

The restaurant is nicely lit and decorated. It’s simple, understated much like the essence of ramen.

Being a new restaurant and in fact the first endeavor into the restaurant business by the owner, there were things that can be improved on. The service is still not as quick and efficient as those of more established restaurants but this is expected. I predict that this will improve over time.

So, if you’re craving for a nice bowl of ramen, I suggest you head on over to the Eastwood Mall and try out Ramen Bar. The worst thing I have to say about the place is just that it’s too far from where I live. Otherwise I would be eating there more often.


I don’t know why but I’ve been really fascinated about watches lately. I’ve always liked watches but didn’t really think as much about it as much I’m thinking about it now.

I guess it’s because it’s a symbol of time and how precious time is to us mortals. We have a finite period that we spend here on earth and that’s something that you can’t put a price on.

A watch is also what I consider a man’s jewelry. I’m not a fan of men wearing a lot of bling. Personally the only jewelry I’d be comfortable in wearing is a watch, ring (wedding ring) and a necklace. Even for the necklace I only wear a necklace that’s a religious symbol.

I have a few things I want in life one of them is to own a nice watch. Why? It’s because I feel that it’s something that I can pass on to my child if I ever have one or someone important to me. Something to remind them of me. It’s something that can be passed on from generation to generation. I’m not a watch collector so I really only want one nice watch.

Some people will think its ridiculous but to each his own. There’s something about a well crafted timepiece that really appeals to me.

There’s only two reasons why I don’t have a nice watch. One is that I can’t stomach the fact that I would own one and my dad doesn’t. I know he also wanted a nice watch but he sacrificed that want in order to provide for his family. The second reason is that.. well I just don’t have the money yet. If I did, I’d probably go and buy my dad one first and just ask him to pass it on to me later on.

If and this is a big IF, I had the resources to buy one, I’d love to own a Panerai. Why? It’s just a manly watch plus it’s not that common. At the moment a Panerai, any model is my watch of choice.

That’s a dream though… Maybe one day… But as of now there are more important things to worry about.

Congratulations Charlie and Crumpler

I found myself at the Bonifacion High Street complex last thursday night. Why? Well it just so happens that my friend Charlie was having the formal launch of his newest store. What store is that? Crumpler!

! (Crumpler Store Facade)!

Charlie has been selling Crumpler bags through his Digital Walker chain of stores. Now, he opened the very first Crumpler Boutique store in Bonifacion High Street. Crumpler is an Australian bag brand. They make stylish, rugged and durable bags for your books, computers, photography equipment and other digital gadgets.

! (Crumpler Launch Party)!

The launch was awesome to say the least. It was held at the open area in front of the store. The theme of the launch was a street party. Food and beer was flowing. They served fish and squid balls, Burgers, Hotdogs, Fries and Krispy Kreme. How cool is that?

Hosting the bash was Gabe Mercado and Patti Laurel. Gabe is really funny and Patti, well… she’s hot. Hahahaha. I know Gabe personally and he’s one of the guys behind GeekChrous. He’s one of the most hilarious persons I know. You’ll always be entertained with him around.

It drizzled a little bit that night which prompted me to move to a covered area far from the actual party. I watched from afar not wanting to get wet. Jason and his friend stayed with us and we chatted a bit while watching the program from the distance.

We also saw some other people from PhilMUG there. We said hello to them and talked for awhile. However having some other things to do both Jason and I had to leave at 8:30 p.m.

! (With Charlie and Anna)!

To Charlie and company, thanks for inviting to the launch. It was a great bash. Congratulations on launching the Crumpler store. I’m sure that it will be a success. Crumpler bags are great products but more than that, Charlie’s a great guy, kind and generous and he certainly deserves all the success. More power Charlie!

2 Hugs And Several Kisses

When things are taken away, you then realize the importance of their worth. Such is the feeling of being hugged and hugging someone. Ever since I lost most of my upper body abilities, I haven’t been able to give someone a hug. I haven’t been hugged in a long time as well. My family is not the touchy type of family. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other a lot but we’re just not like that.

My dad and mom hug each other but that’s them. That’s normal for husband and wife.

I miss hugging someone and being hugged. So today was certainly a great day. I got not just one hug but two. Chris came by to visit today. We spent a few hours looking at pictures and talking. Before she left she gave me a hug. I asked her if she’d help me give her one too. She took my arms and put it around her, for a brief instant I was able to give her a hug. I tried to hug as hard as I could, I can’t say it was that hard but it felt good to be able to give her a hug. It’s hard to understand how it feels. It just feels great. There’s a warmth that is felt from a hug. Love, reassurance, a sense of home, comfort, etc..

The second hug I got was totally unexpected. Tina is from SFC. We became friends about a month back, although I’ve met her long before that. We became friends. Tonight we had a joint Household meeting here at my place. For the uninitiated, a Household is a core group in Singles For Christ. When we finished the meeting, she came up to me, sat beside me and we proceeded to chat. She’s a warm, nice and kind girl. When it was time to leave, she thanked me for hosting the meeting, gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. Now the kiss is not something uncommon. It’s a normal greeting here in Manila and Singles for Christ for that matter. The hug was a welcome surprise though. That was something I really appreciated.

Of course I got several kisses from the other members. But like I said that’s a normal greeting. However normal it may be, it’s always welcome. A kiss on the cheek is always good. 🙂

Sweet Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

Yeah I know that this really has nothing directly to do with Pompe. However I just wanted to write about this. Why? Well all of us need something to brighten their day, something to make us smile. It just so happens that Apple products, especially their mobile computers make me smile. I loooovvveeee Apple computers.

Apple recently began shipping the Macbook Pros in two variants. The entry level 1.83GHZ and the 2.0GHZ both featuring Intel Core Duo processors. The Macbook Pro is the first mobile computer from Apple that features an Intel processor. Signalling the transition from the PowerPC processor.

Right now this is my dream computer. I’m the happy owner of a 15″ Powerbook and I can’t wait to get my hands on a Macbook Pro. When? I honestly don’t know. Maybe never. Right now all my resources are channeled towards Fighting Pompe. So I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to afford one. Well who knows, I might win the lottery. Till then, everyone is free to dream right?!?!?

Even if I don’t get to own one, seeing a Macbook Pro puts a smile on my face. In my situation wherein life is difficult as it is dealing with Pompe, every reason to smile is a welcome one.

18 Shirts Sold

It might not seem plenty but I’m quite happy that the “Fight Pompe Shirts”: I made found their way to several people. To date 18 shirts have been sold to several individuals.

I haven’t actively promoted the shirts to my friends and family because I wanted to see the test shirt first. Since these are made on demand, I wasn’t sure how it would look. I ordered my own test shirt and I got my hands on it a week ago. There were some delays before I got my shirt. My dad was supposed to bring it home since he was in the U.S. a month ago. It didn’t arrive on time and he left before the shirt could arrive at my uncle’s home. I had to wait for several weeks till a relative of my uncle went to the Philippines.

I finally got my hands on the shirt. It’s a nice shirt. I got the “Fight Pompe Ringer T”: So far I only have 5 variants of the Fight Pompe shirt but I’m planning to add more as well as other items.

Thanks to all those who bought shirts to support Fight Pompe. I truly appreciate it. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Leave me a message.

Fight Pompe!