John Mayer On My Mind

It started with a tweet from Kelvin to Marc. He was telling Marc to check out who’s driving a Land Rover Defender in his music video. I checked it out too because the Defender is one of my “realistic” dream cars. By realistic I mean at least my wheelchair will fit in it. I’m not saying I can afford it.

Just like that I was hooked with John Mayer’s new song “Shadow Days”. It’s about someone who’s basically good but has had a tough past and probably did some questionable things. He’s trying to put it behind him.

This new song shows how great an artist Mayer is. It has a country influence and yet he still finds a way to make it his own.

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How Great Thou Art

Some say that a song is a higher form of prayer. If that were true this is one of the most powerful prayers I’ve heard. Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill sings “How Great Thou Art”. I literally got goosebumps when I saw this.

Blown Away

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
Carrie's fourth album, Blown Away

I’ve liked Carrie Underwood ever since she was a young small town girl who auditioned from American Idol. I remember thinking and even hearing my dad say when she auditioned that she would most likely win American Idol.

There’s something about her that people can easily relate to. Not to mention she’s a looker. But the thing I like most about her is in the sea of auto-tuned celebrities that people try to pass for singers, she is definitely a true singer.

Listening and watching her live performances over the inter-webs you can see and hear that she is as good live as she is on her records. It’s like listening to the record itself.

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