Brothers and Sisters

16 episodes later, I’m definitely hooked on the ABC drama “Brothers and Sisters”: which is really not the typical show I’d watch. Yet, I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode.

Here’s ABC “description of the show”:

After watching the first two episodes I couldn’t let up. The show is very well written. The stories are interesting. The cast is brilliant. I wasn’t so hot about Calista Flockhart in the past but I must say she’s doing a good job in this series. I know she was a hit before with Ally McBeal but I really didn’t take a liking to her before.

The dialogue is great. It’s witty, intelligent and heartfelt. Here’s one of my favorite scenes from episode 14 “Valentine’s Day Massacre”. To give you a background, Justin (one of the brothers, who is a veteran and became an addict after the war) recently came out of a rehab facility. Prior to entering he turned to drugs again after being clean because he was being called back to active duty. He couldn’t handle the pressure of going back to war and so he turned to drugs. This caused Tyler, his then girlfriend to leave him when she found out that he was doing drugs again. Justin after getting out gets in touch with Tyler and finds out she’s seeing someone.

Valentine’s evening Tyler calls Justin to wish him a happy valentine’s because she knew that he probably would not have any valentine’s. She accidentally blurts out that she was going to an itallian restaurant in a specific area. Justin after putting the phone down, realized he had to tell Tyler how he feels. So off he goes to look for her. It takes him and his nephew and niece whom he’s babysitting off to 19 different itallian restaurants.

The following is taken from the restaurant scene:

*Justin:* Hey.

*Tyler:* Justin. What are you doing here?

*Justin:* Uhh. can I talk to you for a second.

*Tyler’s Date:* No you can’t. Tyler, who is this guy?

*Tyler:* He’s a… he’s a friend.

*Paige:* They were boyfriend girlfriend.

*Cooper:* Gross.

*Tyler:* We weren’t that serious actually.

*Tyler’s Date:* Ok, you know what man, how ’bout you get on your way. Right now.

*Justin:* Look, I’ll get out of here right after I say what I came to 19 different restaurants to say.

*Justin:* Look I didn’t come here to win you back. Tyler. I hope you’ll come back to me. But I’m not dumb enough to think that anyone can just win you. But I just wanted to let you know what you mean to me.

It’s part of getting clean and getting clean is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. But one of the things that got me through it is the hope that someday that I’d get to be with someone like you again.

So happy Valentine’s. I’m sorry I ruined it. Umm. But you called me first.

I’m sorry for interrupting your meal.. uhh.. Happy Valentine’s day.

Now, call me a wuss or something like that I don’t care. I’m a romantic at heart. I know how Justin feels. Heck, I once flew an entire ocean and a great expanse of land to get from Manila to New York just to see if a girl would still love me when she sees me after several years. So, yeah I understand how Justin feels.

I’ve always been a firm believer that if you love someone, you’ve got to tell her/him. There are also somethings that despite what logic tells you, it just doesn’t matter. Practicality goes out the window.

I can also relate to what he had to say that getting clean is the hardest thing to do. In my case its getting better. I’m really trying now to get better. One of the main driving factors that help me get by is the thought that one day, maybe one day that someone like the girl I loved before, will love me someone like me. Someday some girl might just take the chance and see me for who I am, beyond the Pompe and disability and see the real me.

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