Blown Away

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
Carrie's fourth album, Blown Away

I’ve liked Carrie Underwood ever since she was a young small town girl who auditioned from American Idol. I remember thinking and even hearing my dad say when she auditioned that she would most likely win American Idol.

There’s something about her that people can easily relate to. Not to mention she’s a looker. But the thing I like most about her is in the sea of auto-tuned celebrities that people try to pass for singers, she is definitely a true singer.

Listening and watching her live performances over the inter-webs you can see and hear that she is as good live as she is on her records. It’s like listening to the record itself.

I have a number of her songs on my iTunes and iPod. I like listening to her songs even if one of my friends called me a pansy for it. He said it in jest of course. Seriously, I like the songs. They have a good melody but also great lyrics.

Her songs don’t contain foul language or anything really negative. They talk about life and things that happen to everyday people. Things people can relate to. I think this is a characteristic of country music in general.

I bought Carrie’s new album “Blown Away” the other day. I like it. Off the bat there are several songs that I love and can definitely relate to.

One Way Ticket” is my current feel good song. It’s got a reggae-ish, beach-y tune to it. Sorry I’m not a musician. I’m doing my best to describe it. When I listen to it I immediately think of the partying at night on a beach with lanterns and margaritas. Quoting from the song “life is like a ride on a party bus”!

Nobody Ever Told You” talks about the inner beauty of people, something that we as a society don’t focus enough on. We focus on a persons looks more than what is inside. That’s something we definitely should change.

Good in Goodbye” is about seeing a past love and being happy about it. Sometimes goodbyes are for the best. It may seem sad when you’re at that moment but when years pass by and you look back you’ll see the reason why it happened. This is the song I can relate to most.

Do You Think About Me” is about a wondering that some of us feel. We have people we love and think about at times. We wonder if they think or feel the same thing. This is has a great melody too.

Thank God For Hometowns” This song made me think that when or if I get a chance to settle down I’d like to settle down in a small-ish town. Somewhere that there’s a sense of community. I had an opportunity to grow up in a small community. I knew my neighbors and had a great relationship with them. Some of which are still good friends till now. While we don’t live in that community anymore there’s still that sense of home when I see those people. Roots are important. I like the place we live in because it’s convenient but I never really felt a sense of community here.

There are a lot more good songs on her album. This album is not country per-se. It’s leaning more on pop with a country twist. People who are not big fans of country will still like this.

There’s a reason why Carrie’s the queen of country music. Her songs have a good message, relatable and fun. They appeal to a broad fan-base even to a 30 something male fan like me.

Give it a listen when you can.

Oh, did I mention she’s totally hot? Yes she is!

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