Blast From The Past

One of the nice things that came out of my recent media exposure was the chance to get in touch with people I haven’t had contact with for years. Yesterday proved to be a day that as they say, when it rains it pours. I had a blast from the past.

As I started my day, I opened my email to check the latest messages that came it. It was a mix of the usual. Email from mailing lists, groups, family, friends with “spam”: thrown into the mix. I also got several messages that were left here in Fight Pompe.

One of those messages came from Ronnie. He was my physical therapist from waaayyy back. 10 years ago I think. I’ve always liked Ronnie since he was one of the very few therapists I’ve had that was really able to motivate me to exercise. He always pushed me to do as much as I can. I appreciate that.

He wrote to me saying that he was watching TV with his family. They were tuned in to “TFC”: when the news feature about me was shown. He told his wife that he knew me. He then left me a message on my blog. Ronnie is now in the U.S. and I’m really happy to hear that he’s doing well. He now has a family, a good job and from what it seems a better life. It’s nice to know that he’s doing well.

I was having a dinner meeting with some other Filipino Bloggers when I received a phone call. It was from Jun Jun, a classmate from gradeschool who I have lost touch with since we graduated from gradeschool. I was really pleasantly surprised. Since I’ve often thought about what happened to my classmates and friends from years back. I was glad to hear from him. Unfortunately, I was still in a meeting and I told him I’d call him back. I did and we had a good few minutes catching up on our lives. He’s now married with kids. Doing well with work it seems and I think life is treating him well.

On a much lesser scale, I met up with some friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. I went to visit my friend at his house. Some of our other friends also went there. Over pizza, chips, corn dogs, barbeque and some beer (I didn’t drink though!), we talked the night away. Catching up, having a few laughs and just having a great time.

It’s nights like this that really make me feel that life is good. It doesn’t seem much but I was really happy. I’ve reconnected with some people I’ve missed, caught up with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile and just had an awesome time.

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  1. Hi Dickoy,

    It really is nice to reconnect with your friends from way back. Seeing them and knowing that they are having a good life makes you also feel happy and blessed. I wonder what happened to my friends back in college? Through your blog i hope to hear from Marina Rado,Joey Ting,Norberto Bermudez and Agustin Sebastian.ha ha ha, thanks for allowing me to use your blog, i know that it became so popular that you can reach a lot of people. Godspeed.

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