BiPap Crisis Over I Think

Well, it’s been a really long and weary week. I haven’t been able to sleep well the past week. I was literally like a zombie during the day. Half asleep and half awake. For some reason the good machine I’ve been using is still giving me trouble sleeping. I still wake up with a headache and feeling really really tired. I’m not sure if it’s the pressure setting or if this machine isn’t calibrated properly. The display indicator tells me that the pressure is set to the one prescribed to me. So it should be fine but it’s not.

The broken machine has finally been fixed. Thank God! During times of crisis, a person sometimes thinks that God abandoned him/her. However what they fail to see is that maybe God is just working his miracles in the background. Looking back I realized that this is so true in this instance. Let me give the reasons why.

1. *Helpful Technicians* – God sent me really grate and helpful people during my time of need. It was a long weekend and the service center is closed. But as things would have it, there was a sleep lab open and the GM was there. He’s also an experienced technician so he looked at my machine. He was the one who gave the initial diagnosis as to what the trouble was.

Another technician came on Monday to our house. It was a holiday that Monday due to elections. Yet he still came. This technician was the one who remedied the machine well enough to be usable as a backup. The machine could at least be used as a backup till the parts could be replaced.

I also had another technician do phone support. He wanted to come but his son was in the hospital. Yet he provided phone counseling. As luck would have it, his son was confined in the same hospital I go to. I had a technician in the same hospital the night I spent there. So if anything did happen help was there.

2. *Excellent Support* – The Respironics machine I was using has great support. Although the regional service center is in HK, still they provided excellent support. They were able to fix my machine in two hours. A rush job which they accommodated given my circumstance. They also replaced the defective parts under warranty.

3. *Financial Support* – Given my situation I really need redundant systems in place. I don’t live in a country like the United States wherein machines like this are much much more common place and it’s easily rented. So redundant systems are a must. Even if the broken machine is fixed, I still decided to get a new one to serve as a backup to the backup. The problem was it cost an arm and a leg.

Not to worry. There are very kind people who live in this planet of ours. First off, thanks to David from United Pompe Foundation. I applied for a grant from the UPF to fund the purchase of a new machine. They were able to give up to half the cost of the machine. That’s a big chunk of change. So if any of you guys in the United States feel like donating to a worthy cause/foundation please consider the UPF.

Apart from that a lot of people were eager to lend a hand. My uncle and aunt in the U.S. were ready to extend financial support but I had to politely decline this time since they already helped me a lot. My uncle here in the Philippines helped me out with the paintings I’m selling. Christine, a friend of mine and her family was ready to help with the financial costs but I told her I had already completed the finances for the machine. Still the thought was more than enough. My cousin who’s willing to bring the machine home from the states.

4. *My Family* – Last but not the least my family. My dad, mom and brother all made sure that I would be ok through this problem. My dad went through all the trouble to hand carry the broken machine all the way to Hong Kong and have it repaired there, bring it back to Manila all in one day. He’s also helping me out with the finances for the new machine. My mom who helped me find the technicians and other solutions for this crisis. My brother for taking some of the slack at work. Plus a whole lot of other stuff.

These reasons make me feel that I’m really blessed and that God has used them to make sure I get through this crisis of sorts.

So at this time of writing, my machine is fixed. A new one is also on its way to my uncle and aunt’s place in San Francisco where my cousin is staying. By June 2 the new machine should be here with me and I should have three machines to use.

I’m now praying that the other machine here with me now doesn’t have any problems. When the new one arrives I plan to have this one serviced, cleaned and calibrated.

God, if you’re reading this, thanks. You rock!

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  1. Dear Juan,
    Alam kung isa lang ako sa mga taong nagdarasal sa iyo at patuloy sa pagsuporta sa tahimik at taos pusong pamamaraan sa panalangin na higit mong kailangan kisa sa mga gamot.
    Alam ko may sariling dahilan ang Diyos bakit mo dinadaan iyan subalit isa lang ang alam ko bilang Christian.Mahal na mahal sa ng Diyos. Maging matatag ka sana at maging inspirasyon pa ng marami lalong higit doon sa hindi pa nakakikilala sa iyo.
    Ate Rowena

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