A Night At St. Lukes

I had to spend a night at St. Lukes. Believe me, after 6 months of going to the hospital every other week, St. Lukes was the last place I wanted to be in. However, the doctor felt otherwise.

It started when I woke up Tuesday morning with the left side of my head feeling numb. It usually happens when I sleep in a bad position. The blood flow is restricted and thus my head goes numb. Normally once I change positions the numbness goes away. I thought it was just another episode. So I went along my daily routine.

I noticed that something was wrong when I was taking a shower. My head was still numb. That was a full 30 mins or so from the time I woke up. I started worrying. I finished my shower, got dressed and even started to work. My head was still numb. That’s not normal…

To make matters worse, I was having diarrhea the night before and it continued Tuesday.

By lunchtime the numbness was still there. I decided to call my dad. He came home and checked how I was doing. He then suggested that I go to the E.R. I agreed with him. This was starting to get worriesome.

I got to the E.R. around 4 p.m. I couldn’t leave the house earlier than 3 because my stomach was still bad. It took an hour to get to the hospital due to terrible traffic.

My E.R. experience was different this time though. From the last time that I was in bed the whole time, this instance I was feeling ok and I sat through the whole time. A notable thing too was the fact that when they drew blood I was sitting down as well. Prior to this everytime they’d draw blood I would lie down because I’d get dizzy. Not this time though. I was fine.

The neuorologist’s fellow saw me first. Did some preliminary tests to check if the numbness had something to do with the nerves or something like that. Apparently it didn’t. At least she thought so. When the neurologist came, she also had the same conclusion but she said I should stay overnight for observation. I protested but they insisted. The doctors won.

I spent the night in St. Lukes. Needless to say it was one of the most expensive but boring nights I’ve had so far…. The only consolation is that I’m ok. I woke up the next morning feeling better. The numbness was gone. The doctor concluded that it must have been muscle spasm or a pinched nerve that caused the numbness.

I also saw my pulmonologist while I was there. He’s looking at my most recent x-rays. He said from first glance everything seems ok. Not perfect but nothing to worry about. He’ll have to compare it to the previous one though.

Oh well.. Better safe than sorry I guess..

7 Replies to “A Night At St. Lukes”

  1. Hi Dickoy,

    Ha ha ha!! i am really amazed at how you describe your predicament. you make it appear so easy despite your serious condition. You make us realize to always look on the positive side of life. thanks again my friend for inspiring me today. God bless you and your family.

  2. Hi! I am a nursing student from St. Paul University of Dumaguete,I’ve seen you in television in TV patrol. Just want to tell you that you’re really a strong person, GODBLESS! you make people realize that everything is possible and live life to the fullest. Take care always! (”,)

  3. In our daily struggle in a world where apathy, mediocrity, self-indulgence, and taking things for granted are so often unjustly rewarded, you are truly our champion, Juan. Please continue making people think differently.

  4. i seen u on tv patrol last week and it touch me about ur sitution..i cannot offer you money but i can only offer you prayer i hope you can get trought it …GOD BLESS YOU

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