A Mixed Week

I’ve had a mixed week. Good and bad. I guess I’d better lead with the bad so that I can finish on a good note.

*The bad*

h3. Myozyme not arriving on time

I followed up with my doctors this week if we were pushing through with the infusion on tuesday, they reported that the Myozyme has been shipped but they don’t think it will arrive’and clear customs on time.

It’s ok. My infusions will most likely be setback a week or so. Still at least it will come.

h3. My friend’s son died

A good friend’s son of mine died. “David Zion Felipe”:http://www.nonofelipe.com/blog/2006/11/15/david-zion-l-felipe-november-12-2006/ died in his mother’s womb one month short of being delivered into this world. It’s a alwaya a tradgedy to lose a child.

My friends Nono and Tuna are going through a tough time and I sincerely pray that they get over the loss of their child as qucikly as they can. Not to forget their son but to move on with their lives. May the Lord not allow them to dwell upon this loss. Sometimes we can’t understand why things like this happen. We can only trust that there’s a reason for this.

h3. Our story didn’t win

Awhile back I “blogged”:http://www.fightpompe.com/article/108/the-countdown-begins about a contest that my friend and I entered. We submitted a story that we worked on together. Well I’m sad to say we didn’t win. Not even an honorable mention. It’s ok. The only reason I’m sad we didn’t win is that because the winner gets published. However somehow, someway we’ll get this book published.

h3. My Powerbook’s charger is busted

My charger just suddenly acted up last Friday. It didn’t want to charge my Powerbook. It only started to charge when you moved the wire. Then after awhile my aide noticed that the charger was really really hot and the rubber that connected the wire to the charger melted already.

I called my dealer to check if it can be replaced under warranty. I also asked if they had chargers in stock. Even if they could replace it under warranty it would take sometime. Time that I didn’t have. A new charger would set me back Php 8,500 or roughly $ 170. That’s a lot..

Luckily I was able to borrow a spare charger from a friend. I’ll just have to wait to know if Apple will replace my charger.

*On to the good things…*

h3. Myozyme is coming

While I wrote above that it’s bad that Myozyme won’t make it on time for the scheduled infusion date, it’s still good that it was shipped and that it will eventually get here. That’s still great news. I’m truly grateful about that.

h3. A business transaction pushed through

I was able to close a business transaction this week. While it was only half of what I was hoping for, half is still better than none. God I pray for more opportunities like this. I really need to start making more so I can save for the future.

h3. The Pac Man Won

Manny “The Pac Man” Pacquiao won over Erik “El Terrible” Morales in their third and final match. Much buzz was going around prior to the fight. People said that this will be a tough bout for both. Manny and Erik were in great condition and the fight was expected to be an epic one.

After all is said and done, Manny demolished Erik in 3 rounds. Erik fought valiantly. He’s a true warrior. However Erik was just outboxed this time. Manny was the better fighter today. He was quicker, stronger and better prepared.

This deserves an entire post all to itself which I’ll do tom.

*All things considered*

As with most things in life, good and bad are all mixed in together. You can’t have good all the time. All things considered the past week was ok.

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