8th Infusion

Well it was time for my 8th infusion. By this time we have the whole process down to a routine already. I won’t write about it anymore but suffice to say, we went to the hospital, checked in, got the room, had the infusion the next day and then went home. I will however just write about the highlights of this particular infusion.

My friends Bambi and Aldrin came by to visit the night before I had my infusion. I’m really happy they took the time out to drop by. We ordered pizza and had that for dinner. We were watching T.V. most of the time but towards the end we got engaged in conversation. Laughs were shared, insights were brought forward and all in all it was a good time. I thank them for making my night a lot less boring than it would have been.

The infusion day went without a hitch. As much as it is boring in the sense that I’m just lying down the whole day, I’d rather it be that way than have something happen. I do however always look forward to talking with my doctors. It’s always a pleasure to converse with them. I’m also glad that I have them onboard. They are the warmest, caring and nicest doctors you can find. They take the time out to spend 4 to 6 hours with you to make sure you get the best care possible.

Oh, lunch was good…. I had roast beef after the infusion. I always look forward to infusion day because it means trying different kinds of food from the different restaurants surrounding the hospital…

On a side note.. I should really think of more creative titles for my entries….

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