40th Day

We celebrated the 40th day of my Lolo (grandfather) yesterday. Well it didn’t exactly fall on the 40th day since his death but due to schedules and stuff we had to celebrate yesterday.

We brought his ashes togther with my Lola’s (grandmother) ashes to Lipa, Batangas. That’s my Lolo’s home town and it was his request to be laid to rest there.

A few weeks back we had my Lola’s body taken out from her grave and cremated. It was part of my Lolo’s wish that both of them be brought to Lipa, where they can be laid to rest together.

Family and some close friends gathered at Floral Gardens Cemetery to commemorate the event. It was a solemn ceremony. Afterwards afternoon snacks were served at a function room at the MVL building.

I haven’t been to Lipa in quite some time. Things have changed. A lot more buildings and people. It’s not the town I remembered it to be.

How things change as time passes by.

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