33rd Infusion

This will be a quick post. My 33rd infusion went well… No hitches, nothing really out of the ordinary. That’s pretty much it. Why is this short? Well… It’s been a month since my 33rd infusion. I had to skip a session because my aides got sick and I didn’t have anyone to go with me to the hospital. I also didn’t want to risk their health by forcing them to go.

The downside is, my 34th infusion will be the last one with Dr. Lani. It’s sad, I spent a year and a half with her. Almost every other Tuesday, we’d spend most of it together during the infusion. In that period I got to know her well.

I’ll save my thoughts on this matter for another post. I’m going for my 34th infusion in a few hours. Wish me luck.

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