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“Give them nothing but take from them everything”. Just one of the many memorable lines that Leonidas said, nay shouted in the movie 300.

The last movie I saw at the Theater Mall was “Superman Returns” that was almost 6 months ago I think. Maybe more. Today I got to watch 300. I saw it with my family. The ironic thing is that it’s not really a family movie, but seeing that in my family the men out number a single woman, there are times that the men will win. This is one of those days that we got to choose the movie.

I’ve been wanting to see this movie. It’s inspired by a graphic novel by Frank Miller. I’m not really a Miller fan. This is the first Miller movie I’ve seen. However when I saw the trailer, I knew I had to watch it. The way the movie was done was fantastic. It looked like it came straight out of a graphic novel. I later found out that it did. It’s amazing how some scenes really seemed like it was peeled of the graphic novel.

The graphic novel 300 is based on the historical “Battle of Thermopylae” wherein 300 Spartans with the aide of other Greeks held of the invading Persian army which was estimated in the millions. In the end the 300 Spartans, Leonidas included died. But their sacrifice paved the way for Greece to unite and eventually win the war against the Persians.

It’s not really an “Oscar Award” type of movie. More of mindless entertainment. The movie’s plot is simple and straight forward. There are very little twists and turns and for the most part it is predictable. The action scenes and the CGI make up for it though. It’s what some movies really should be. Mindless entertainment. For the two or more hours that you’re seated in that movie house, you’re taken to another world. While there’s historical evidence to this event, the movie is really still fantasy. The real event I’m quite sure did not take place as how the movie portrayed it. Not 100 percent at least.

More than the movie, what I really loved was just the fact that it was a Sunday afternoon and I got to spend it with my family. The times we spend together out of the house are just too far and few in between. We’ve been too busy in our own worlds that even though we see each other everyday, we haven’t really spent time as a family.

I just wish that I was stronger so we could spend more time with each other. There are just days that I’m not up to it. Especially the past few weeks. It was good that today was a little better than the others.

Oh, and the funniest line from the movie was when the Persian emissary says to the Spartan called Dienekes “our arrows will blot out the sun”. The Spartan replies, “then we will fight in the shade”.

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  1. I should watch this movie! I love historical battles. I thought 300 was another horror film. Oh well, thats what i get for sleeping too much. Btw, Congratulations for being a finalist in the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards

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