2nd Infusion

I had my second infusion last Jan. 3, 2006. I know it happened a week ago but due to the migration to the new web host I didn’t get a chance to write about it. So better late than never…

I checked in at the PGH (Philippine General Hospital) on the eve of Jan 2. We decided to check-in the night before since the hospital informed us that they weren’t sure if I could get a room on Jan 3. In hindsight this was the best thing to do.

We got a nice room. The bathroom was cleaner and newer than the last one we got. The color of the room was also brighter. Unlike the first infusion, the night went quietly. After a dinner of hamburgers, I watched some tv and went to bed, anticipating having to wake up early the next day.

By 6:30 am I was up. My aides and I ordered breakfast from McDonalds. By 7:30 we was good to go. We started the infusion close to 10 am. This time it was done without fanfare. Prior to that though, the doctors drew some blood. Something I really, really (can’t stress it enough) hate. Everytime they draw blood from me, I feel like passing out. Call me chicken but that’s the way I am. I don’ t know if it’s just the sight of blood or something else…

Back to my story… This time the infusion went without much fanfare. When the I.V. was inserted I honestly didn’t know that the infusion had started already. I thought the doctor was still waiting for something and when I asked her when we were going to start, she said that the infusion had been going on for several minutes already.

The hours went by smoothly. Apart from a brief 30 second episode wherein my pulse raced. The doctor brought down the rate of infusion until my pulse stabilized. After that she slowly brought it back up to the maximum rate allowed by the protocol. I don’t think the episode was a result of the medicine. It was probably just a case of nerves… or I was still recoverring from losing blood….

After that, everything went well. To my surprise, the doctor said that If nothing untoward happened after a few hours, I could go home. I was extremely happy to hear that. I was expecting to stay another night. I really wanted to go home since there was nothing much to do at the hospital.

Today, one week after the second infusion everything is looking good. I’m not experiencing any side effects, no itchiness, numbing or anything like that. I’m praying that the next infusions will also remain trouble free.

Oh, I gained half a kilo since the first infusion. I don’ t know if that’s because of the enzyme or the holidays…. Maybe both…

Till next time…

Fight Pompe!

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  1. hi Juan. How are you my friend? Im so happy for you. with this site parati kita makikita. alam mo mag iistart na ako ng business dito selling business machines-copiers and toners at the same time im fulltime in school.

    take care and God bless.


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