29th Infusion

48 days after my last infusion, I’m finally back on track. Yeah baby! April 3 marked my return to regular infusions. At least for the next 3 months it will be back to regular programming.

I’m really happy to be back on Myozyme. The progress I was having got side tracked so I’m really excited to get back into exercising more. The last few weeks when I wasn’t on Myozyme, it was a little bit more difficult to exercise. I get tired quicker.

The hospital stay is similar to the previous infusions with the exception of two things. One is that I got to use the newly renovated rooms of the hospital. Nothing big really, new paint, some new furniture and other small things.

The second is that for the first time my regular aide wasn’t there. We’re starting the transition. My regular aide Jordan is going on to better things. He’s hoping to land a new job in Qatar. So for the first time it was just my new aides. Well not new actually. Mike was my old aide but he left for awhile. Jhonny is the newest addition but he’s also Mike’s brother. They aren’t as qualified as Jordan because Jordan took up Physical therapy but so far I’m ok with them. They make up for it in other ways.

Thank you God for making the infusions possible again. Thanks to the guys at Genzyme, thanks to my doctors and all my family and friends who prayed that I get back on track as soon as possible. You guys rock!

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