28th Infusion

Well I just got my last infusion of the current batch of Myozyme on hand. We now officially have run out of our supply. The good thing is that the ICAP has been approved to be extended for another 3 months. The bad is that well, due to delays in paper work I’ll most likely have to skip a session. That sucks. Why? Coz I think I’ve been making progress with my exercises. I know Myozyme has been helping with that. I’m actually feeling my arms get stronger. My arms are also slightly bigger now. Every time I skip an infusion, I feel as if I’ve taken two steps forward but one step back.

Anyway.. my 28th infusion went well. Most of it was pretty much the same as the others. Nothing really different. Oh, except for the fact that they had to poke me 5 times to get the line in. The last time was also the most painful one thus far. I’m not sure if it hit a nerve or something but thank God I can’t move my arms that quickly. I would have grabbed the needle from the intern and yanked it out myself. Hahaha.

Funny story though… My regular nurse, wakes me up at 7 a.m. I’m still groggy and half asleep. She tells me that she can’t make it for her regular shift to watch over me since she’s still stuck with another patient. She said she was sorry. After that, she tells me, to make up for it she has a Valentine’s day present for me. I ask her what. She tells me she’ll introduce me to a girl later that afternoon. The daughter of her patient. She said that she’s cute and nice. She’ll introduce her to me. I was awake at that time, laughing and astonished at what she just said.

I thought she was joking. Apparently she was serious. She did introduce me to her later that day. I was embarassed for the girl. She dragged her all the way to my room just to introduce us. The girl was nice. She’s been staying and watching over her mom for the last week or so.

As funny as the story is, I was really touched. I told my nurse that I was really happy with what she did for me. Not so much that she introduced the girl. I’d probably not see the girl ever again. I was happy for the plain and simple fact that she still believed in me as a person. She saw that I was a good person and deserved to be introduced to someone else. I don’t know how to explain it..

I guess something close would be like this. I have some friends who would be happy for me if I found someone else but I don’t think they’d go as far as set me up or introduce me to another girl for fear of the wrath of the other person. Ok that’s a bit exaggerated. But you get the point. They like me and root for me but not as far as actually take the next step and believe that much to actually introduce me..

Anyway, my nurse believed in me that much. That’s what I’m happy about. There’s still some people who see past my disability and still see me as a good person, worthy of an introduction to someone else.

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