28 On The 28th

This year I celebrated my birthday in a…. well.. different manner. I celebrated at the St. Lukes Medical Center for a check-up. Part of the requirements to hopefully starting a new treatment/regimen to fight Pompe is getting a baseline of your current condition. Hence the need for a check-up.

Tests were done, needles were inserted, blood taken away… all part of the wonderful process of getting a check up. uuuggghhh… I especially don’t like the blood part. I don’t know if I’m more scared of the needles or the fact that I’m losing precious blood.

Anyway, apart from the regular bloodwork, ECG, 2D echo, they also din an audiology exam. What?!? I didn’t hear you…. An audiology exam… Hmmm…. Poor joke huh… From the intial results that I got I think I have moderate hearing loss…. Maybe it’s just due to a lot of iPod usage… I don’t know…

Most of the tests were done in an afternoon but I needed to fast for the last blood extraction that was done early morning. I actually thought I was going to spend most of my birthday at home because I went in the day before and I was scheduled to check out of the hospital the morning of my birthday… Alas, that was not the case. I had the audiology exam past noon already. That really sucked…

Now the tests have been done, results are coming… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll all be ok and that nothing major is wrong.

The silver lining to my otherwise boring birthday is that I have a nice family that made it bearable. Not to mention some great friends who took the time out to stop by the house when I got back from the hospital to greet me a happy birthday, as well as the rest who sent me SMS messages of well wishes.

One of my aunts said, don’t worry if you spent your birthday in the hospital. This years holds new promise for you. If all goes well, you can celebrate each day like it was your birthday. How true…

For all the griping I did, It was all just to rant… I wasn’t really all that that sad. Maybe my 28th year in this world is the start of something better.

The fight continues..

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