I’m Glad The World Did Not End

The Mayans were wrong and we’re all still here. We’re closing out 2012 with a big cheer! I’d like to take this chance to write some thoughts and give thanks to a year that has gone.

First thing’s first. Thank God for another year in this world. It’s been a tough year health wise. With ERT not being regular there was a decline that I felt. Still I’m glad it’s still going and I will try to make it up in 2013. I am still grateful for the treatments I’m getting. It helped me reach this far.

2012 was generally good. Scratch that. It was fantastic. The biggest blessing thus far is the addition of my first nephew Lucas. That alone made 2012 the best year ever. I look forward to seeing him grow up in the years to come.

Work has been good. I’m thankful and blessed to have gainful employment when some people do not. It allows me to do the things I need to do outside of work. I’m looking forward to another good year at work and hopefully grow further and improve along the way. I thank my co-workers and employers for allowing me to be a part of the organization.

I turned 35 this year, a significant milestone to say the least. I honestly thought I was going to celebrate the milestone with a big bang. As the date drew near, I realized that I already had what I really wanted, a happy family, friends that I can count on and the fact that I’m still here. I did not need a big celebration to remind me how lucky I am. I spent time with some of the people that really mattered to me. Those people that mattered but I didn’t see I take comfort in knowing that they still wish me well.

Oh, did I mention that I finally got a big boy bed? Yeah after all these years of sleeping in a bed that I’ve slept in since I was in high school, I finally bought myself a bed befitting my age. I guess that’s quite something.

One of the things I’m also most thankful for this year is the gift of friendship. Making new ones, strengthening old ones and reconnecting with people I have not seen or spoken to in years. Some friendships do stand the test of time. Even if you haven’t seen each other in years, you just pick up where you left off. Then there are also new friends whom you’ve just met but feels like you’ve known them for years already. They come in all shapes and sizes too!

It’s also been a good year for the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders. We’ve helped several patients, moved to a new office, raise some money and awareness. It’s been one of the best years so far and we only want to go further. Children with rare diseases need help and we will keep on fighting for them.

I’m glad the world did not end. Looking back, despite all the challenges, I think I’m at the best place in my life that I’ve ever been. I can’t be thankful enough to God for the blessings. I know much needs to be done and I still want to fulfill other dreams. If the world did end, I know that I’d still be thankful. I’ve done a lot of things and met a lot of great people along the way. I don’t want it to end though because I know the best is yet to come.

As 2013 approaches, I wish for good health, better opportunities financially so I can pursue the other dreams I’ve longed for. That includes making my mark in this world.

From my family to yours, I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. I thank you for being a part of 2012. May God guide you and keep you in the years to come.