What Would Jesse Do?

I found myself thinking about Sec. Jesse a lot today. I didn’t expect that a death of someone that never even met in person, a politician at that would have this profound affect on me.

I was sitting with my dad when I found out that his plane had crashed. My dad was catching up with the news on his iPad. He let out a quiet “Oh no” and proceeded to tell us that the plane carrying the DILG Secretary had crashed 500 meters short of the Masbate airport.

I first heard of Sec. Jesse years ago. My dad was helping campaign for former Sen. Raul Roco during his bid for the Presidency. My dad told me about the Mayor of Naga who has done so much for the city. Naga is close to my dad’s heart because it is the city where he grew up. I’ve never been to Naga myself but I’ve often heard my dad and his siblings tell stories about their childhood.

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Farewell To Our Fallen Hero

I woke up to the sad news that Sec. Robredo’s body was found inside the plane. I’m deeply saddened about the demise of a man I have not met but only know through reputation. That does not diminish from the fact that the Philippines lost a great man. It’s also a sad coincidence that his body was found during the death anniversary of another great Filipino.

We will only truly lose Sec. Robredo if we do not take up his cause and follow his example. A true servant leader, he embodies what a great Filipino public servant should be.

Paraphrasing from Tony Meloto “When a hero falls from the sky, many others will learn to fly” A true Filipino hero fell from the sky. Let it be our duty to learn to fly and soar to the heights that Sec. Robredo dared to glide.

God speed Sec. Jesse. You will be missed not only by your family but by the entire Filipino nation. Take heart that a whole nation is in tears because of your early demise. It means you are loved and cherished. In the world of politics very few people have the same respect we have for you. Look after the nation from heaven. We will see you again some day. Dios Mabalos!