On My 34th Birthday

It’s been 4 years since the proverbial end of the line. When I was first diagnosed, doctors told me I probably would not see my 30th birthday. I just turned 34 today. It’s been 4 years worth of extras so to speak.

My parents, brother and his wife threw me a birthday party. It was different though this year. It turned out to be a children’s party. Most of my friends now have children of their own. I could not have a party and not expect them to bring their kids. So instead of having a grown-up party we decide to just have one that the kids will enjoy too. Turns out, I enjoyed it more.

It was nice to see the kids of my friends. Some of them are my God children. In our country, it’s customary to have several God parents per child. So no, the children are not in danger of getting stuck with me if something happens to their parents.

Time has certainly flown by. Even if I don’t have a family of my own, my friends and their children have become a second family to me.

I did not receive anything grand this birthday. No outrageous present. When I was a kid that was the one thing I looked forward to, a wonderful toy from either my parents or my grand parents. Yet in all my years of celebrating birthdays, this year was a joy unlike no other.

I realized that despite my challenges, my everyday trials, the reality of being in my situation, I am quite lucky. I have a wonderful family that supports me and is always there for me. I have friends who care enough to spend their Sunday with me. I am quite blessed.

I thank God for blessing me with all that I have. I thank him for my parents, Vic and Cyn, who never gave up on me, even when people will understand if they did. I thank him for my brother and my new sister-in-law who also showed me so much love. I thank God for my friends, some of which are like brothers and sisters to me. I thank God for giving my friends children, who I know bring them joy but it also brings me great joy to see them with my friends. I thank God for all the things he has blessed me, material or otherwise. I thank God for the other people who make my life possible, my aides, helpers, drivers, etc. In 34 years God has never failed to bless my life.

Thank you for a wonderful 34 years. Thank you for all the people who have walked into my life. I am blessed because I have them in my life. My only wish is that God gives me more years to come so I can spend it with the people I love.