Happy Birthday Mom!

!http://www.fightpompe.com/images/42.jpg (Mom and Dad)!

My mom celebrated her birthday yesterday. I won’t mention her age because she’ll probably disown me if I did.

We celebrated her birthday in a simple but great way. My dad was supposed to take her out for dinner at some restaurant but she didn’t want to go. Instead she wanted to spend it at home. My brother prepared dinner instead.

My mom’s birthday dinner consisted of deconstructed French Onion Soup. Deconstructed because the cheese and bread were served separately. I asked my brother if that was really a style of serving it and he said no. The reason he served it that way was because he didn’t have a broiler hot enough to melt the cheese properly and make sure that the cheese was on top. I don’t really fully understand what that means… Hey the only cooking I ever did was to heat up some corned beef when I was young.

We also had salmon for appetizers, a salad and for the main course Paella. I must say that my brother’s Paella is pretty good. It also didn’t contain any pork because my dad doesn’t eat pork.

For dessert we had Mango and Cream Cake which my cousin prepared. Peachy, my cousin is one of the best “cakers” in Manila. She’s also like a daughter to my mom and dad and so she had to be with us for dinner.

Apart from my dad, mom, brother, cousin and I, we were also joined by Imee, my brother’s longtime girlfriend.

The dinner was simple and yet extremely enjoyable and delicious. It probably was a better alternative than my dad’s original plan. I’m sure my mom enjoyed it as well.

Mom, you know I love you very much and each birthday you have I am truly thankful to God for having blessed our family by making your our mom. You’re the gel that holds our family together. I don’t know where we’d be with out you.

Happy, happy birthday mom! May God grant all your wishes. I love you.

Oh, don’t mind the walls in the picture. We’re having the house repainted and now it’s still a mess. The girl in picture making a funny face, that’s my cousin Peach.