18 Shirts Sold

It might not seem plenty but I’m quite happy that the “Fight Pompe Shirts”:http://www.cafepress.com/fightpompe I made found their way to several people. To date 18 shirts have been sold to several individuals.

I haven’t actively promoted the shirts to my friends and family because I wanted to see the test shirt first. Since these are made on demand, I wasn’t sure how it would look. I ordered my own test shirt and I got my hands on it a week ago. There were some delays before I got my shirt. My dad was supposed to bring it home since he was in the U.S. a month ago. It didn’t arrive on time and he left before the shirt could arrive at my uncle’s home. I had to wait for several weeks till a relative of my uncle went to the Philippines.

I finally got my hands on the shirt. It’s a nice shirt. I got the “Fight Pompe Ringer T”:http://www.cafepress.com/fightpompe.45169974. So far I only have 5 variants of the Fight Pompe shirt but I’m planning to add more as well as other items.

Thanks to all those who bought shirts to support Fight Pompe. I truly appreciate it. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Leave me a message.

Fight Pompe!

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  1. I would love to see a child size shirt. My younger daughter has infentile Pompe, she will be 2 years old April 1st. I was thrilled when I discovered the shirts and bought 5. One for each family member and two for her study doctors. However, done of the shirts would actually fit her. By the way what is the monster? Is it Pompe in general or glycogen?

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