16th Infusion

I have to seriously come up with better titles for my infusion entries..

Anyway, on with the details. It was my 16th infusion. Things pretty much went on along as they usually do. My dad wasn’t able to go with me though. He’s currently out of the country for work. So it was only my mom, aides and myself that went to the hospital.

Funny thing though… After all the media attention I got lately, some people at the hospital know me now. It’s kinda nice, weird, funny all rolled into one. The porter who took our things up to the hospital room knew who I was. He chatted with me and said he saw me on tv, etc… I was flattered. He said that he really waited up for the show when he saw the commercial promo for the show.

Thins pretty much went on the as they usually do. I’m really getting the hang of this. Much of the nervousness I experienced before is now gone. I still get jitters some time with certain things but for the most part I’m good. So much so that after the infusion, when the nurse was about to take out the I.V. line, I asked her if I could be the one to pull it out. That’s a first! I used to shut my eyes when they’d insert the needle. I couldn’t bear looking at it. That goes the same when they’d take it out. Now I’ve gotten so used to it already that for this infusion I was the one who pulled out the I.V. line afterwards.. Cool!

The whole infusion went well. No problems whatsoever. I was able to finish on time.

The highlight of this visit though was the fact that I was able to see the rehab doctor already. She gave me some things I need to do and had a P.T. go in and have me assesed. An O.T. also came in to measure my foot ang my left finger. I need some braces done for my foot ang my left finger to help prevent deformity. Due to muscle weakness my ankles are starting to deform. My left thumb is also getting worse. Hopefully the braces will prevent them from getting worse till the time I have enough muscle strength that I won’t be needing the braces anymore.

So all in all, this infusion went well.

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  1. Hi again! I just read your recent articles and it says here that this is your 16th infusion. I’m just wondering how many infusions will you still be having? I wasn’t able to catch on this in your previous articles. I just became curious because last week, I learned that the husband of an officemate of mine was diagnosed of Muscular Dystrophy. To them, it’s a “never heard” disease. So when I heard about it, I told them about you, the article that was written by Ms. Corpuz and invited them to visit your blog. With your courage and determination, I’m pretty sure they would learn to understand and accept the situation with an open heart and mind just like what you are doing. Seeing you write these articles makes one realized that disability is not an excuse or the end of everything but rather a way given for all of us to understand that life isn’t perfect. Still, I believe that life is beautiful.


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