14th Infusion

I just finished my 14th infusion and on my 6th month of ERT. A milestone.

The infusion went fairly well. A big change though is that one of my usual doctors was on leave. Leaving the lead Dr. by herself. Although she had a new fellow coming in, the fellow didn’t participate much as she had to attend to other patients.

I was touched because the doctor on leave called up to check on me. She said that she was used to seeing me every other tuesday so she decided to call and check how I’m doing. See that’s one of the things I’m really thankful for. I’m working with great people. Not just great doctors but great human beings as well.

As each infusion goes it’s getting harder to find a vein to stick the I.V. in. Some veins can’t be used anymore. Although I’m not worried there’s still a lot to stick the needles in. It’s just that it won’t be on my hands anymore. It took three tries today to get the I.V. in.

The infusion itself went smoothly. Not untoward incidents and I was able to leave the hospital a bit early.

So nothing much to write about the infusion…

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  1. I saw you on “PEOPLE”. I am into enzyme therapy as well, so excited top share with you to help! We have also been interviewed on DZMM,please contact me thru 0916223863

  2. sir,

    got to watch the tail end of your pipol segment. impressed with your guts. keep up the fight. have a son named juan, too. ps…i see you’re into macs, too.

    Boi C.

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