13th Infusion

It didn’t help that I had my 13th infusion on June 06, 2006 or 06 06 06. I’m not normally superstitious but when it comes to matters of health or something like it, I’d like all things to be on my side. So imagine my nervousness on infusion day…

Well all in all it went well. My heart rate was up before starting the infusion but it was due to the fact that I had trouble.. well, going to the bathroom. After awhile my heart rate went back to normal. We were able to go through with the infusion without a hitch.

We ended a bit late though since there was a delay in mixing the enzyme. Nothing major. The pharmacy people had a meeting prior to mixing the medicine and couldn’t start on time.

After the 13th infusion, I must say there has been improvements. Small, very small but I know it for a fact. I can move my left arm slightly better. My neck muscles are also getting stronger.

So we’re halfway through the year. Things are looking ok. I hope that the next half is even better.

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  1. Dear Dickoy,

    Glad to here that you went thru your 13th infusion without any major trouble. Praise God for His faithfulness in providing you with the courage to go through each infusion. My heart goes out for your family who are i believe more affected whenever they see you in pain. As i have promised, i have prayed for you today and even this very hour. God bless and continue to write your experiences so others maybe encouraged.

  2. It’s great to know that the treatment is generating some progress. You really are an inspiration.

    I hope there will even be better progress for the next half of the year.

  3. Hi Dickoy,

    Thanks for your prompt reply to my email and i am happy that you personally answer our letters. I visit your site everyday and always look forward to read a new article. Please write everything, however trivial or seem unimportant because it gives me relief whenever i read about ur activities. Through your website, i know that you are ok. so please write more often if you can. Thanks and God bless. your friend – Randy

    P.s. can you send me your latest picture?? i would really appreciate it.

  4. Hi Dickoy! Love and greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I’m Lanie from kuwait, I was able to watch you in Pipol and you inspired me. So I was curious to open my laptop and search you in the net. I will pray for you! Always remember that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness…I hope we could chat sometime? Continue to pray…God bless and take care.

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