12th Infusion

One dozen infusions.. Wow. How time flies. I came back from the hospital last night for the 12th infusion. The interval between the 11th and 12th was shorter this time due to the adjustments we had to make on the 11th infusion.

The night before was uneventful like most, so I won’t bother writing about it anymore.

I was waiting for my doctor to start the infusion. I was chatting with the private duty nurse and my aides. I was also alternating watching basketball on tv. Spurs vs. Mavs (Mavs won to advance to the west finals). My doctor walks in the room. Trailing behind her was one of the residents I had a crush on. I kept on with the converstation I was having trying not to notice her. I didn’t want to seem surprised or eager to see her.

As fate would have it, the resident was the one who inserted the line. She did a good job. One shot deal. The line was inserted with one try. After that she left to tend to other patients. My regular doctor was perplexed as to why my heart rate was up. She was looking at the cardiac monitor intently. She asked me if I was ok and if I was feeling bad or something like that. I told her no. I pointed out to her that my heart rate was probably up due to my crush… Hahaha.

Anyway the whole infusion went well. No major problems of hiccups. At this stage I’m still quite nervous. I’m not sure why. Maybe because to me every infusion should be taken seriously. I shouldn’t be complacent and take things for granted. This is after all still a very new treatment and all the side effects haven’t been fully documented.

I thank God for days like this when all goes well. Looking back, after 12 infusions I must say I’m doing better. Even if it’s marginally better. Better is still better and that is good.

Fight Pompe!

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