11th Infusion

This should have been posted a long time ago, seeing that I’m off for my 12th infusion tom.

My 11th infusion has been the most different so far. Instead of having it on a Tuesday as I regularly do, I had it on a Thursday. The main reason being that I had to attend my grandfather’s funeral ceremonies. He wasn’t buried though. He was cremated.

So I checked in Wednesday night. It was the longest check-in period we’ve had to go through. For some reason everything didn’t go well. My dad was really irritated. He was the only one who came with me since my mom had to take care of other things related to my grandfather. Anyway we were finally able to check-in past 8 p.m.

The infusion day didn’t go as planned either. The resident who inserted the I.V. line couldn’t do it with one go. She tried twice and failed both times. She got another Dr. to do it. The other one did it in one go. To be fair, the first one was a pediatrician so I have to cut her some slack. The other one was an internist so he’s used to adult patients.

The infusion pump almost fell to the floor. It was a good thing my Dr. was alert and caught it. Whew! Otherwise our hospital bill would be a tad higher..

All things considered the infusion still went ok. I find that it helps when people keep talking to me. It takes my mind of the infusion process and thus calms me. I sometimes get nervous and my heart rate goes up as a result. I can really be nervous at times..

I’m a creature of habit and I guess I noticed all the bad things that happened as a result. I always want things done in routine. So the change of schedule and pace made me worry a bit more.

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